Gladstone Hotel Wedding- Emily and Matt

This year my wedding season started off with a beautiful and intimate wedding at the historic Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. I had the incredible honour of photographing Emily and Matt’s big day for Bryn’s Photography. There were so many beautiful and unique details in this wedding that I am so excited to share with you!

First of all, can we all take a moment to appreciate how ridiculously stunning Emily’s dress is? Also, how ridiculously stunning she looks in it! All those beautiful pearls, and the way it drapes over her arms in such an elegant manner? Absolutely perfect! I truly loved this dress, I did not want to stop photographing it.

Another thing I adored about this wedding was the venue! When I used to work downtown my GO train would pass the Gladstone every day and I would always think to myself that it was such a beautiful building but the inside really exceeded my expectations. The decor is so funky and colourful, and the brightly coloured glass outside the vintage elevator is so fun to work with. My favourite part of the venue was the library on the fourth floor, though. Of course my bookworm heart was drawn to this room, with it’s cozy furniture and beautiful teal walls. This hotel is a photographer’s dream!

But the best part of this day was the amazing couple I got to work with! Despite a few minor hiccups (like the A/C not working in the hotel and all the rooms feeling vaguely like a sauna) Emily and Matt were so sweet and good natured. They had plenty of ideas for photos, and were naturals at posing. I loved watching the way they hyped each other up during individual portraits, and hearing all about their sweet pets during their ceremony.

This May wedding was a spectacular start to the 2022 wedding season for me, and I’m so excited for what the rest of the year brings!

July 2, 2022

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